You Lose

             - You might lose more than money…………

Women do gamble!

Gambling is pure entertainment and a social activity in which most indulge from time to time. For some gambling becomes a problem or rather an addiction.

You lose – the only one who is the absolute winner when gambling is the one providing the Gambling. Some female gamblers end up losing far more than money – they risk losing their self-esteem, their jobs and their family.

Anyone can get into problems when they gamble – no matter the gender, ethnicity, cultural upbringing or age. Even though we see more male than female gamblers we still see women that devolve into addicted gamblers and the percentage of women gambling keeps inclining.

This is the time where you as a woman who likes to gamble could stop for a minute, and give your loses a thought – and while you’re at it, you might as well take a look at your conduct while you gamble.


Important to remember!

You’re able to prevent gambling addiction if you act upon the conduct of gambling early on. On this webpage you’re able to obtain some advice and knowledge of gambling as well as an “how to change your conduct with gambling”
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